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Ring Donuts 

Apple Fritter

Cinnamon Twist

Bavarian Cream

Boston Cream

Jelly Donut with Vanilla Icing

Caramel Iced

Yeast Donut Chocolate Iced

Yeast Donut Cinnamon Sugar

Yeast Donut Glazed

Ring Chocolate Iced marble

Ring Vanilla Iced Marble

Ring Vanilla Iced Chocolate Sprinkles

Ring Vanilla Iced Rainbow Sprinkles* Fan Favorite

Ring Donut Fluorescent Colors (4 Colours)

Ring Chocolate Chocolate Sprinkles

Ring Chocolate Icing Rainbow Sprinkles

Ring Chocolate Icing with Nut Sprinkles

Yeast Glazed Cream filled Raspberry

Yeast Glazed Cream filled Lemon

Yeast Glazed Cream Custard

Chocolate Iced Cream filled Coconut Cream

Vanilla Iced Cream filled Cherry


Box of 9 Mini-Donuts

Cupcakes - Assorted Flavors and Designs




Midgets Chocolate Icing

Midget Marble Icing

Midget Chocolate Icing Rainbow Sprinkles

Midget chocolate Icing Chocolate Sprinkles

Midget Vanilla Icing Chocolate Sprinkles

Midget Vanilla Icing Rainbow Sprinkl


Long Johns

Long John Centre Filled Chocolate

Long John Chocolate Iced

Long John Vanilla Iced

Long John Center filled Strawberry

Chocolate Icing Long John with Bavarian Cream



Coconut Bake

Sausage Rolls

Meat Pies

Jam Tart

Apple Tart

Custard Tart

Chocolate Tart



Valentine’s Day:

-10” Heart Shaped Donuts 

-Regular Sized Heart Shaped Donuts

Easter Donuts

Hot Crossed Buns

Christmas Donuts

Special Designs throughout the Year